Entrepreneurial Faces

Co-owner of the 2 SUN company, Adam Łajkowski, became the face of the campaign “Faces of entrepreneurship” – conducted as part of the seventh edition of the World Entrepreneurship Week. The motto of the chairman of this year’s event is: “Being an entrepreneur and being entrepreneurial is a source of pride!”.”Entrepreneurship has many faces,” but why?

The company 2 SUN wants to convince Poles that entrepreneurship is for everyone. We are sure that it is worth being hard-working, active and persistent in all circumstances and at all ages – says Marek Łajkowski – co-owner.

“Entrepreneurs are not only directors of large companies, but also people who conscientiously run their business. 2 SUN is a family company – I run it together with my father, and recently my younger brother Lukasz also supports us. Working together always brings us a lot of satisfaction. It is really nice to feel that by doing everyday activities we are developing the Polish economy. Therefore, let’s stop complaining just let’s get to work. It will not be easy, but it will certainly be worth it! “- convinces future entrepreneurs Adam Łajkowski.