Since 1950 FRIEM is leader in IGBT, Thyristor or Diode type Power Converters, applying the most advanced technologies and electronics. Founded in 1950 to design and manufacture High Power Converters, FRIEM continued to develop its know-how in energy conversion for Industrial, Traction and Renewable Energies applications. In 1956 FRIEM produced and installed its first 50kA Rectifier Unit for application in Chlor-Alkali industry. At the absolute forefront in technology, in the early 60’s FRIEM was able to manufacture units rated up to 110kA and to design the first high current Thyristor Rectfier. Service continuity required by the Electrochemical Industry oriented FRIEM’s design towards absolute reliability and availability: quality, safety, latest international standards have always been the base for the design and development of our Equipment. This experience and know-how were applied in the early 70’s when FRIEM started the production of Rectifier Units for traction application. With the support of its Partners, FRIEM provides complete Substations Systems with all the main equipment and services. In 1984 FRIEM was able to design and start-up its first Power Supply for a PolySilicon CVD Reactor. Nowadays FRIEM has hundreds of units in service all over the World supplying all the different types of CVD Reactors.

In 2009 FRIEM started the production of the RECon Line, a complete line of Inverters for the Renewable Energies, becoming one of the main manufacturer in Italy and in the World. To support the growing requirements of Energy Storage and Energy Management, FRIEM developed the HYCon Line; Bi-directional Inverters and DC/DC Converters integrating different energy sources with batteries (fitting different technologies) and the relevant Control System. The first Hybrid Systems started operation in 2017 and today FRIEM has already references in Mini-Grid, Recharging Stations and Grid Ancillary Services. In order to serve our customers with a wider range of products and solutions, FRIEM has started partnerships and investments with expert Electrotechnical Companies. This strategy gives FRIEM an even stronger Local presence, with offices, workshops and representatives in more than 20 Countries all over the World.

Nowadays FRIEM designs, manufactures and delivers all over the World:

  • AC/DC High Power Rectifiers
  • DC/AC High Power Bi-directional Inverters
  • DC/DC High Power Converters
  • AC/AC High Power Converters

For us in the main Applications:

  • Renewable Energies
  • Energy Storage Systems







ACCESSORIES:  Monitoring, Control and Acquisition Systems:

RMS – RECon Monitoring Systems

FRIEM offers a complete system for the remote control and supervision of photovoltaic systems from 33kWp to multi MWp. Thanks to a web application the user can access a dedicated web portal to monitor the system performances. The web portal shows data in real time, with diagrams and tables, information on measures and also data elaboration. An annual fee foresees the log-in to the dedicated web portal, which records the data on a server hosted into a web farm, equipped with air conditioning, UPS back up, power supply and alarm security system. The annual fee includes maintenance and updating of the software installed for the management of the data and the web pages. FRIEM’s technical staff is available in real time in case in real time in case of need and to guide the user.

Main services included in the annual subscription:

  • Main services included in the annual subscription:
  • Possibility of collection and recording of the plant data
  • Easy customizable generation of SMS and/or e-mails in case of alarms
  • Alarm and measurement recording
  • Display of report tables and trend of data
  • Efficiency forecast
  • Optimization of the plants assistance.

Other devices (energy measuring instruments, MV cabinet, surveillance and alarm systems etc.) can be connected through interface RS232/485, digital input and USB port. The RMS system is provided with a RJ45 communication port that allows the connection to the LAN system or to a router connected to the web. Besides is possible to use a GSM integrated modem in the Data logger (SIM card for internet connection excluded).

The RMS system can be equipped with the following communication models:

  • Ethernet Interface (standard)
  • Modbus RS232 Interface for RECon Inverter (standard)
  • WI-FI Interface (optional)
  • GPRS Interface (optional) SIM excluded
  • I/O Interface (optional).


String Box

FRIEM string box enables the parallel connection up to 36 inputs through a disconnecting switch, are connected to the Inverter. The string box has also an overvoltage protection device. The continuous measurement of the current for each string, of the irradiation and temperaturę of the panels (through dedicated sensors), allows a complete check of the operation of the solar modules.

A transmission of measures and of protection’s status through serial communication with the inverters are integrated in the monitoring system. The cover of the string box is realized in strong, weatherproof, poliester laminated glass with IP65 protection degree suitable for indoor and protected outdoor installation.