Expansion and reconstruction of the Puck Hospice St. Padre Pio

After a decade of stationary hospice activity in Puck, it was time to expand and reconstruction it. The increased area will create a new place for rehabilitation, a new training room and a larger chapel. Renovated rooms in existing buildings will improve the comfort of patients and their carers, doctors and all other hospice employees.

The extension of the facility has been completed and reconstruction is still difficult as the Hospice in Puck has not been closed. The construction and assembly works were carried out by the 2SUN company together with the company FB Kompleks. The expansion included a whole new building, added to the rest, with new medical and rehabilitation rooms and a new hospice chapel. The building is equipped with modern sanitary and electrical installations, ventilation with air conditioning and a fire alarm system.

After the installation of a solar installation powered by 16 flat solar collectors, which was made in November 2013 by 2 SUN company, the time has come for another element using renewable energy sources (RES) for the hospice – a photovoltaic installation. This stage of the investment involved the installation of 35 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building with a total installed capacity of 9.975 kWp (see photo below).

The produced electricity will be used for the own purposes of the Hospice – Prosumer, and the surplus will be transferred to the local energy distributor through a two-way electricity meter.

Photo. Photovoltaic installation on the roof of the Puck Hospice St. Padre Pio